14 September 2023 14:16




For Project Implementation Unit – Component 3 Lautra

No. 03/UKPBJ.ST.322/09/2023

The Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas) through the Oceans for Prosperity Project (Lautan Sejahtera, LAUTRA) aims to strengthen government management capacity, data, and information systems, and to encourage enabling policies to leverage blue finance for enhanced coastal and marine management and livelihoods. Individual consultant is needed for the following position:


Main task:

The objective of Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist assignment is to support the implementation of LAUTRA component 3 project and lead the monitoring and evaluation activity to ensure the project workplan and deliverables are implemented and achieved. Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist would be selected in accordance with the provisions in section V of the Bank’s Consultant Guideline.

Selection Criteria

The minimum qualifications of candidates are as follows:

• Bachelor degree in a relevant discipline (science/statistics/environmental/social science/marine science/public policy/public finance/accounting/business/natural resource economics or other fields relevant to public funding);

• Minimum 7 years work experience in design and administration of monitoring and evaluation instruments and systems, specifically participatory Monitoring and Evaluation and information systems;

• Minimum 5 years professional work experience performing some of the functions described in this ToR

• Familiarity with the marine sector and public finance, and preferably some experience with Monitoring and Evaluation in the marine or public finance sector;

• Strong interpersonal, group facilitation and interview skills;

• Ability to communicate effectively in English, orally and especially in writing;

• Previous experience in World Bank’s project and understanding of specific data collection/analysis constraints will be an advantage.

Term of Offer

Interested applicant must submit the following documentation :

• Comprehensive curriculum vitae of individual consultant.

Interested candidates should submit the proposal before 21 September 2023 at 16.00 WIB to the following address :

Pokja VII Unit Kerja Pengadaan Barang/Jasa

Kementerian PPN/Bappenas

Email : ulp@bappenas.go.id

Jakarta, 14 September 2023